Longarm’s a Comin’

The longarm's a comin'

A Breakthrough!

Deciding to make 2 rooms into 1 in order to accomodate the county of Angus’s only APQS (American Professional Quilting System) longarm sewing machine.

Wall Coming Down

Wall Coming Down…….

Yup, it made a real mess, but my enduring partner persisted with the mess and the chaos and pushed on through with the task, (with a little instruction from me, of course!)

2 Rooms Become 1

2 Rooms Become 1 – taa daa!

So next on the list is for the walls to be plastered, painted and new carpet laid  – watch this space, folks…..


Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog! Whattya think?
Spurred on by the impending arrival of my 12ft APQS MILLENIUM LONGARM SEWING MACHINE, I am beginning my journey on this quilted path and recording my challenges, achievements and accomplishments – there may even be some adventure on the way ;0)

If you don’t step forward you just stay in the same place –  so it’s onwards and upwards I go!

Needle up, presser foot down………