OOPS! Sorry For The Gap Folks!

 Twelve months later……..!  I can’t believe a whole year has passed since my APQS longarm machine arrived. My intention was to outline my quilting journey with words and pictures, illustrating my learning, mistakes and triumphs on the longarm. Instead I kept my head down at the machine and went from quilt to quilt without uploading anything!

I did however, take pictures along the way, so my plan is to now upload them so you can see my progress. Mostly I have been offering pantograph patterns for quilters – this is a repeat edge to edge pattern. This has allowed me to familiarise myself with the machine, different battings, fabrics and threads. I have ventured on some custom work but this is an upward learning curve I intend to become a master at – so keep watching this space!

The following images show examples of my work from June 2012, my aunt’s quilt was the first guinea pig!

Pantograph Quilting

Gladys (4)

Quilt No. 1

I will upload more images this week and hopefully get caught up! Bye for now x


Longarm’s a Comin’

The longarm's a comin'

A Breakthrough!

Deciding to make 2 rooms into 1 in order to accomodate the county of Angus’s only APQS (American Professional Quilting System) longarm sewing machine.

Wall Coming Down

Wall Coming Down…….

Yup, it made a real mess, but my enduring partner persisted with the mess and the chaos and pushed on through with the task, (with a little instruction from me, of course!)

2 Rooms Become 1

2 Rooms Become 1 – taa daa!

So next on the list is for the walls to be plastered, painted and new carpet laid  – watch this space, folks…..

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog! Whattya think?
Spurred on by the impending arrival of my 12ft APQS MILLENIUM LONGARM SEWING MACHINE, I am beginning my journey on this quilted path and recording my challenges, achievements and accomplishments – there may even be some adventure on the way ;0)

If you don’t step forward you just stay in the same place –  so it’s onwards and upwards I go!

Needle up, presser foot down………